Laser or IPL hair removal. We just love both!

The simple answer is freedom!

Free from wasting time on waxing. Free from pain. Free from skin irritations after traditional hair removal techniques. Your skin becomes softer and the pores will eventually shrink leaving you with an overall improved skin reflection.

You can be spontaneous, go on a date, go for a swim and don’t have to think about your hair situation just be sexy. BLISS!!!

For you boys who exercise, please don’t hide your muscles under your hair. We want to see them and then touch them as well.

FAQ: Are laser and IPL the same? The answer is no! Traditionally laser machines were deemed to be more effective since they penetrate on a very deep level of your skin. The laser beam goes even beyond the hair follicle which is not necessary. The latest SHR IPL machines have proven to be a worthy competitor with the slight advantage of giving your skin a little rejuvenation boost.


Is this all too good to be true?

Not really, we have helped countless clients gain more self-confidence and this is the best part of our job. Sometimes we have cases where women have never been able to wear a bikini before their treatment and seeing that smile when the hair gets less and less is truly rewarding.

One thing though, it is not magic and the promise of never having hair again is a false one. It will be an immense reduction of your unwanted hair and it will be also a long-term result for most of you. When we say long-term then we mean multiple years. Some people might come for a bi-annual touch-up after a few years time since their treatment.

This holds especially for certain areas in our bodies such as face and intimate are highly influenced by hormones. For example, after pregnancy things could change, menopause or after a course of certain medical treatment are important factors/life events to consider.

Nevertheless, getting the treatment done is still worthwhile! And always will be. Get your free consultation; we are looking forward to speaking with you!